not this year


Annually, on this day , Valentine.  I would lay, UPSET with my skin stained with mascara that glides down my cheek with tears. Fully allowing my loneliness to paralyze me in a state of bitterness.

I equated my inability to be datable to my worth as a person and let myself be miserable
each year, Annually, on this day.

But not this year

Because I slowly realize that love isn’t reserved just for people who are dating, married, or romantically link. You are love. Love is deep within you.

If I desire happiness, then why not just be happy? If I want to give love, why not just give it to myself? I am the love of my life. I am enough.


Annually, on this day. Valentine. I will start appreciating myself and loving who I am more.
Fully allowing my light to shine.

[model Michelle Flowers]


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